Stack Resilience

Stack Resilience provides healthy, resilient construction & consulting services for buildings, companies and cities.

We build & advise in health and resilience initiatives for buildings, businesses and cities.

About Us

Stack Resilience first formed as Kevin Stack Construction more than 40 year ago. We've evolved into an integrative firm providing construction management, contracting & construction management services.

We specialize in resilience, health, low/zero carbon & passive strategies & solutions, and in navigating projects through various certification programs, including International Living Future Institute certification, PHIUS+, National Green Building Standard, ENERGY STAR, NYSERDA & USGBC programs.

Kevin Stack
BadT, LEED Fellow, LEED Faculty, LEED for Homes Green Rater, PHIUS+ Rater, NGBS Verifier.

Kevin is a builder, building scientist & educator who teaches, designs and Builds in Nature's Image. He has served on several state & national boards, including the USGBC National Board & Advisory Counsel, chaired the LEED for Homes Core Committee and has been nominated & won national recognition for his work.

Kevin has trained thousands of architects, engineers, code officials & others in building & energy codes, and developed a ten-hour DOERS training which qualifies under LEED IPpc81.
Josh Stack
JD, LLM, PHIUS_ Rater, NGBS Verifier

Josh builds resilient, healthy, passive and zero carbon projects.  He also verifies & serves as in-field QA for a diversity of multi-family and mixed use projects under various programs including Living Future certifications (Zero Carbon, Zero Energy & LBC), NYSERDA & the NGBS. He also provides resilience services to diverse projects, from single family homes to city scale initiatives.  He also provides various code & construction trainings and teaches as an adjunct at SUNY ESF and lectures internationally on resilience and adaptive law & governance for buildings, companies and cities.

Healthy, Resilient Construction

Buildings can enhance health & resilience. We utilize a systems & science based framework and process to create buildings & projects which enhance health and resilience.

We integrate passive principles within a broader context of resilience & health, to create projects which enhance adaptive health and attain zero or positive carbon. Our projects include several LEED HOMES projects (including the world's highest scoring LEED project at the date of certification out of 21,000), zero energy, healthy & resilient homes.

Resilience, Health & Sustainability Consulting

From site & building, to city or complex community projects, we create science-driven, pragmatic solutions for clients. We utilize resilience science as the basis & framework for our process.

We also specialize in multi-family residential, mixed use & university dorm projects, utilizing various frameworks including LEED, NGBS, Living Future certification programs, NYSERDA and ENERGY STAR.  Underlying all of our work are science & systems based research and frameworks of health, adaptability & resilience.


Healthy, Resilience & Zero Carbon Construction & Consulting

Resilience Services

From resilience audits for buildings, to frameworks & processes for cities and complex community projects, our Resilience Services focus on enhancing adaptive health & resilience.

Construction management

We provide integrative construction management and builder services exclusively for healthy, resilient, passive and zero carbon buildings.

Sustainability Consulting

We provide 3rd party QA, rater and verifier services under various sustainable rating systems including ILFI Living Future, PHIUS+, ENERGY STAR, NYSERDA & NGBS.


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